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Getting there
Although there are long distance buses to Jabalpur from the surrounding large cities, it is most comfortable to travel here by train. Under eight hours from Bhopal or Allahabad, there are also good connections to Nagpur and South India. The main station is on the edge of the Civil Lines, under 2 km from the town center.

Airway Enquiry
Dumna Airport (0761)  2601996, 2601341, 2603452
Ventura Airconnect Flight Timings : 1860 500 4455
Jabalpur Airport Office (0761)  2600022
City office (Hotel Kalchuri) (0761)  2678491 / 92
Railway Enquiry
Railway Reservation Enquiry
(0761)  2620236
Jabalpur is on the Mumbai-Allahabad-Kolkata railway line. Allahabad: Howrah Mail 2322, 1335, 6� hrs.
Bhopal: Narmada Exp 8234, 2100, 8hrs.
Delhi (HN): Mahakosal Exp 2189, 1805, 19� hrs.; Gondwana Exp 2411, 1550, 15� hrs (both stopping at Agra Cantt)
Lucknow: Chitrakoot Exp 5009, 1915, 15hrs
Kolkata: Howrah Mail 2322, 1335, 22hrs
Bus Services
Mahakoshal Bundelkhand Bus service  (Regional Bus stand, Damoh Naka)

M.P. Travels
(0761)  2343386 / 986243386

(0761)  24000000 / 4071111 /   9301460927 / 9827089227
Service for Kanha via Mandla; Mp Tourism bus from railway station office at 0800 (6hrs), is much faster, Khajuraho, 0900. Also to Allahabad, Bhopal, Nagpur, Varanasi and other main cebtres by private coach.

Getting around
The town is too spread out to cover on foot easily but there are plenty of taxis, unmetered auto and cheap shared tempos for sights further afield.