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The bustling town in the Satpura range


Chhindwara is one of the larger towns located in the Satpura range. It is situated on a plateau, surrounded by the lush green fields, rivers and sagaun trees. Chhindwara is surrounded by dense forest with diverse flora and fauna. Pench and Kanhan are two important rivers of Chhindwara.
It is believed that Chhindwara District was full of "Chhind" (Date-Palm or Phoenix dactylifera) trees many years ago, and the place was named "Chhind"-"Wada" (wada means place). There is also another story that because of the population of Lions (called "Sinh" in Hindi), it was considered that making entry into this district is akin to entering the lions' den. Hence it was called "Sinh Dwara" (means through the entrance of lion). In due course of time it became "Chhindwara".
The Gole Gunj market of the city, with its two large gateways (known today as Kamania Gate), was built by Captain Montgomery, who administrated the district as a regent of Richard Jenkins (1818-1830).

Getting there
airNearest airport is Nagpur Airport (130 km).

Well connected roadway.  National Highway 69 in central India goes through Chhindwara. It connects Nagpur in Maharashtra to Obedullaganj near Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh .
It connects NH 12 and NH 6, NH 7.National Highway 69-A links Chhindwara with NH-69 at Saoner.

Chhindwara railway station is part of the Satpura narrow gauge lines and is shown on the Bilaspur-Nagpur section of Howrah-Nagpur-Mumbai line.

Daily trains
Panchvalley Express between Chhindwara and Indore Junction
Patalkot Express between Chhindwara and Dehli Sarai Rohila via Bhopal - Bina Mathura
Amla Passenger between Chhindwara and Amla
Nainpur Passenger between Chhindwara and Nainpur
Nagpur Passenger between Chhindwara and Nagpur