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About Betul
Betul derives its name from the small town of Betul Bazar, about 5 km south of the present city. The literal meaning of Betul is "without (be) cotton (tool)". It was the border of the cotton-growing area. It is a town surrounded by hills on all sides and was used by the British for exportation of coal and that's why they established a railway station in the early 1910s. Presently it is serving as a connecting junction for railways i.e. it is the only access to Chhindwara District via rail.
Betul bazaar has witnessed the peaceful coexistence of different religions and cultures. There is a mosque presumed to be built by the Aziz clan. Sheikh Hakim Hanafi, a member of that clan still practices medicine at Betul Bazaar. The Aziz clan held a prominent position during the pre-independence era.
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Betul is well connected by a Road and Rail network. The Delhi-Chennai broad gauge railway line and National Highway No.69 also pass through this district. The nearest Airports are at Nagpur and Bhopal, almost 180 km. from the district headquarters of Betul.